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Friday, August 7, 2009

Hide PAGE OPTIONS button on the OBIEE Dashboard

There are occasions when a customer does not want to even show the PAGE OPTIONS button on the dashboard.

Here is one way to do that.

Edit "dashboardtemplates.xml" as follows :

<WebMessage name="kuiPersonalizeLink">


<span class="minibuttonOn" style="display:none">

<a href="javascript:void(null)" onclick="return NQWPopupMenu(event,'idPersonalizationMenu',null,'top')">


<sawm:messageRef name="kmsgDashboardPageOptionsMenu"/>


<img src="fmap:Views/sortdesc.gif" border="none"/>








Luntu said...

Hi Guys

I am new to obiee, i got the same requirement, but slightly different.

I want to remove PAGE OPTIONS tab ONLY for specific end-users, or depending on the login status.

I want PAGE OPTIONS to show for Only Administrator and not to show to End-users.

Can you please, give me or show me STE-BY-STEP on how to implement this?

or mail me please

Thanks in advance.

Mustafa Yalçın said...

Hi Luntu,
to hide "page options" button from specific users, check this blog entry: