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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Report Return HTML

When you navigate down to a third level report from a top level Report in OBIEE, when you hit the default return value on the dashboard it returns you to the first level report, and not the report that you navigated from. Also when you use the Go URL Command to integrate a Report into a web portal it will not have a return value to return you to a high level report, when you navigate from a top level report.

To solve the above issues you can incorporate HTML in a Static View on the request.

The purpose of this document is to show how to use the Static View on the OBIEE Request to add a return link for the report.

1. Create the OBIEE Request
2. Add a Static View to the Request
3. Add the onclick HTML to the Static View
4. Add the Static View to the Request Compound View
5. Left justify the Static View
6. Save the request

HTML for a Return Link:


This document shows how to create a return link for the report that has been navigated to from a higher level report in OBIEE. This same techniques in also used to create a return link for a Report that has been added to a web portal, and has a navigation to a lower level report.