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Monday, October 6, 2008

"Bullet Proof" SSO

The following pieces are a subset of info presented at Oracle OpenWorld's OBI SSO Unconference by Kevin McGinley and myself. The content framework was provided by John Andrzejek of BI Consulting Group.

The full presentation can be found via

Many organizations have enabled SSO (Single Sign-On) with OBI EE; however, not all have taken the appropriate steps to make it "Bullet Proof", aka next to impossible to hack. Until now!

Below is a typical OBI EE login path when SSO is not enabled. This method works well in an intranet environment where personal data is not available to be queried by OBI EE.

Many organizations have taken the step to enable SSO for OBI EE so their users do not have to enter/remember yet another username/password combination. SSO is more secure than the basic OBI EE login but is still susceptable to hackers tricking OBI EE into authorization.

In order to ensure a more robust/secure method of SSO with OBI EE, the following approach should be taken so that a hacker cannot trick OBI EE into thinking the user has been authenticated. This is handle by Step 4 (see pic below) whereby the user clicks on a link in their portal to go to OBIEE and the portal writes a Record to a database table and then the BI Server checks this record to make sure the user has been authenticated.

If the user was not properly authenticated by the Portal then OBI will deny the user access to OBI EE.


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