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Monday, March 23, 2009

Free to Blog

What a great opportunity for me to speak freely on the OBIEE Blog site. Working with the team here at BICG - outside of direct reporting into a software vendor - inspires 'more honest' advice.

I've seen many versions of BI over the last thirty years. In the early years we had to figure out how to join VSAM files with IMS data and produce a report. Of course, this was in that funny era when we made the leap from card based editors to CRTs. Maybe thats going back a bit too far for any relevent blogging.

Anyway, I thought there might be some interest out there in knowing how to get from say Cognos to OBIEE or Hyperion along with - or - conversion to OBIEE. I am big on "How-To's" so I'll take that approach going forward.

One thing I learned to do early on is to write about things in the right order so I'll offer some dialog to the Bloggers out there. What would you like to hear about first? Moving from Hyperion into OBIEE without getting burned - or - moving from Cognos to OBIEE?