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Friday, June 5, 2009

Column variables in the Narrative or Ticker views

Here's an important trick to remember when using column variables in the Narrative or Ticker views (or elsewhere, such as a Writeback configuration): Variable IDs map to request columns in the order the column was originally added to the request, even if you delete columns along the way.

Try this exercise in the Paint demo repository (or just follow along with your mind's eye) -- Open the Paint subject area and add or remove columns in this order:

add "Market"
remove "Market"
add "Region"
add "Units"
add "District"
add "Dollars"

... the final variable references would look like this (using the @{cN} syntax):
Region = @{c1}
Units = @{c2}
District = @{c3}

Dollars = @{c4}

To illustrate the results, go into the Compound view and add a "Narrative" view, then copy & paste the references into the "Narrative" text box as typed above, inserting a line break after each one (and why not, a line break in the "Row Separator" text box too). The view should look like this:

Click OK and observe the results.

One more subtlety: From here reopen the view for editing. Notice the server translated the @{cN} syntax into the @N syntax:

At this point you can play with formatting, row counts, placement of the view, HTML markup, etc etc -- but I think you get the idea.

Have fun...