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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Loyalty Analytics in 7.9.6 for an actionable Customer Insight

The latest version of Oracle BI Applications Marketing Analytics 7.9.6 has released Loyalty Analytics which is critical for any organization that effectively

uses Marketing Analytics as a toll to track and execute their Marketing track their Marketing Programs, Campaigns. Loyalty Analytics may be treated as an add-on to helping an aggressive Customer Relationship Management and retain more customers. This would surely help an organization to maintain competitive edge especially in the current business world.

It is a fully integrated solution for Siebel Loyalty Management allowing users to analyze the performance of Loyalty Programs.

B2B which is Account loyalty specific analytics like Account revenue, growth, status, geography, industries and B2C analysis which is Consumer loyalty specific analytics.

Of the 61 OOTB reports built in 4 Dashboards and 13 Dashboard Pages, let’s understand the specifics of the four Dashboards

Finance, Loyalty Program, Membership Analytics, Partnership

The finance dashboard tracks reports specific to Revenue for a Program or Member, liability of programs, Redemption Costs

Loyalty Program is very important dashboard that can be used to track reports specific to the loyalty programs launched in Siebel CRM application.

It facilitates reports to track Loyalty overview, transactions, promotions and points. It provides more helpful reports for executives to analyze top performing and underperforming programs, Redemption trends

Membership Analytics is another dashboard that helps to analyze membership trends, revenue and membership churns

Partnership dashboard helps analyze the performance of partners in terms of profitability and revenue trend.

There are quite a few important reports that may be developed beyond the existing OOTB canned reports to explore more analysis

1. For Partners -->

a. Partners performance by geography (Revenue)

b. Customers retention by partner

2. For Loyalty Program --> Points transferred

3. Enrollments --> Unused/Dead enrollments

4. Transactions --> Lease Redeemed products

5. Points --> Bonus Points

6. Cost and Revenue --> Unused Credits for cancellations

While the above spelled is not limit there can be many reports based of business requirements and customization in the base Loyalty Application


Anonymous said...

Profitability explained via detailed variance analysis. Every P&L item - Sales, Freight, Raw Materials, etc explained by a detailed analysis of variances between the actual and benchmark by cost and revenue driver. Actionable and insightful.