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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Division of Responsibilities Matrix for Hyperion Planning Implementations

I am often asked, "How should we delineate task responsibilities across the organization to support our Oracle Hyperion Planning implementation?" I have compiled an Excel workbook that I have shared through Microsoft Office Live Workspace which I have developed for clients in the past which provides my perspective on where tasks should reside throughout the organization.

By clicking on the title above, Division of Responsibilities Matrix for Hyperion Planning Implementations, you will be brought to the Microsoft Office Live Workspace that houses this spreadsheet for your review and use.

Please let me know your thoughts relating to this matrix, any comments are greatly appreciated


gerardnico said...

I made the total:
- Project Manager:25
- Infrastrucuture Specialist:26
- Developer:120
- System Administrator:111
- Subject Matter Experts:35
- End Users:7

So if you have a developer and a system administrator, you have 71% of your project. ;-)

Anyway, thanks for this document.

Rodney Adkins said...

Thanks for the comment, if any questions relating to the post please feel free to reach out

Andrea said...

Sorry, I can't access the document. Is it private? Can you share it?

Rodney Adkins said...

Andrea.... when you click on the heading "Division of Responsibilities Matrix for Hyperion Planning Implementations" after the blog has rendered it doesn't bring you Microsoft Office Live workspace? could you please tell me what is occurring when the heading is clicked? I could send the matrix directly via email if you prefer

Andrea said...

When I click on the heading the Microsoft Office Live workspace reply: "You cannot perform this action. You do not have permission to access this workspace or document."
Then if I log in with my account Live ID, I receive the message:
"You signed in to Office Live Workspace using
-my email-
The document or workspace you are trying to access has been shared with
Sign out and then sign in again using"
So you are very kind if you can send it to