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Monday, April 19, 2010

BI Publisher - Webservices update to10g

BI Publisher 10g provides an update to its webservices from previous releases with the patch 9546699. All you have to do is (with OC4J and BI Publisher 10g running) to open the following URL:


Where: mybipserver is the machine's name where OC4J is installed and where BI Publisher has been deployed. Save this file locally.

Once you get the WSDL file you can immediately test the services using SOAP UI (a webservices tester).

Start loading BI Publisher's WSDL into SoapUI and create a new project:

So for example, we can find out which Security mode is being used in a BIP installation. Simply invoke the service "getSecurityModel". This service does not require any parameter, therefore just click on the green button "play" .

This returns the security model employed in BI Publisher's environment: "BI_SERVER", which means the security model used is based and controlled by BIEE Server.

The next example will employ BI Publisher's web services which require parameter values: "login" and "getFolderContentsInSession". Invoke "login" and enter "Administrator" as user and password:

This returns the session string, known as BIP's session token:

Next, invoke the "getFolderContentsInSession" service and enter the string just obtained in previous step plus the folder path to find out its content: "/HR Manager".

Finally, click on Run (the green arrow button on the upper left hand side of the window) to obtain a list for reports and folders:

With this you now get a flavor of all the things you can do using BI Publisher's webservices. Of course you can start developing your web application using JDeveloper and BIP WSDL, but that will be the topic for new post soon.

Note: Based on BI Publisher's PM comments I have updated our post's original title.

3 comments: said...

i like this

mdonohue said...

Jorge, All,

Glad to hear your excited about the Publisher Web Services.

However, PublicReportService_v11 is NOT a preview of web services for Publisher 11g. The v11 was a poor choice of version numbering on our part for 1.1.

PublicReportService_v11 are an update to web services for 10g. Please see the New Features Guide section on "Updates to the BI Publisher Web Services"

Mike Donohue
Oracle BI Publisher
Product Management

Jorge Anicama said...

Hi Mike. Thanks for your comments and have updated the title of this post to reflect its content and intention.