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Monday, July 20, 2009

How to Hide the Saved Filter View Link

A new Saved Filter "View" Link now automatically appears when filters are displayed on reports (The new link appears in the more recent versions of OBI; I know it is in, but am not sure exactly in which version it first appears. ). When clicking on the view link, it will give details of the contents of the saved filter. While this new functionality may be useful in many circumstances, there are reasons you may not want the link to appear either. Unfortunately, there currently is no security surrounding this new saved filter view functionality. However, if you want to hide this view link, a simple css file change can do this for you.

Here you can see the new saved filter view link appearing on the report below ...

When you click on the link, the contents of the saved filter are displayed ...

To remove this "View" link so that it does not display, add the following css entry to the views.css file located in the \OracleBIData\web\res\s_oracle10\b_mozilla_4 ...

You will need to bounce your Web Server service and OBI Services.

That's it!


Kumar said...

How did u get the view in report?
Could u explain the process?

Thanks & Regards