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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Q2 2009 VendorRate results are in - Check out what Vendors landed the top rankings!

VendorRate provides ratings given by IT professionals with the intent of helping organizations make better decisions prior to selecting an IT vendor for products or services. Rating takes about three minutes, is fully confidential, rating totals are aggregated, and a vendor's total score and individual scores are always available online.

Highlights of The VendorRate Q2 2009 Report

• IBM Informix received the highest overall ranking with a score of 96

• GovConnection was the top rated reseller with a score of 98

• GovConnection received the highest score ever posted for a VendorRate quarterly report

BI Consulting Group was the top rated consulting organization with a score of 92

• Microsoft customer satisfaction scores tumbled between Q1 and Q2 of 2009. Microsoft Applications dropped 17.9% to a
score of 64; Microsoft Server/Infrastructure fell 16.7% to 55; and Operating Systems slipped 9.5% to 67.

• Telecom and data service industries continued to lag behind hardware and software industries in customer satisfaction

To view the complete VendorRate Q2 2009 results, please follow this link:

The ten benchmarks that are rated are; 1) Integrity, 2) Communication, 3) Timeliness, 4) Usability, 5) Reliability, 6) Customer Service, 7) Budget, 8) Expertise, 9) overall Effectiveness, and 10) the rater's likelihood of recommending the vendor.

For additional information on VendorRate and to view the company(s) you may be researching, click: