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Monday, August 17, 2009

Connection Pools – Best Practices

Most of the times not much thought is given to defining connection pools while developing rpd. Improperly defined connection pool would affect the OBIEE performance and user experience. Here are some of the things to consider while defining connection pool.

· Change the default maximum connections. The default is 10. Based on your system usage change the value that is more realistic to your system usage

· Create a separate connection pool for execution of session variables

· Create a separate connection pool for the execution of aggregate persistence wizard. Remember that you need to give the schema user owner credentials for this connection pool as the wizard creates and drops tables

· If need be create a separate connection pool for VVIPs. You can control who gets to use the connection pool based on the connection pool permissions.


Anonymous said...

Hey Nice information.

I do have a question, Is it possible in a connection pool for the USER and PASSWORD field to use a user defined SESSION VARIABLE as opposed the System SESSION VARIABLE?

Appreciate your response.

Kumar Kambam said...

If you are asking if a users can log on using pass through accounts, yes absolutely. When you define a connection pool, give :USER in the unsername and :PASSWORD in the password fields.