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Thursday, August 27, 2009

OBIEE for Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS)

I just wanted to share my experience and thoughts about implementing an OBIEE Application on top of a Clinical Trial Management Application.

Oracle Siebel CRM Application has a model for Clinical Trial Management System, also known as CTMS targeted for biotechnology and pharmaceutical research and analysis. There is a potential demand for Analytics solution to address the needs of a Business Intelligence solution for the huge data cycles as a part of the clinical trials.

The legacy source of Business Intelligence reports for this data in most of the IT departments for this is through a legacy excel or an home grown application. Prepackaged OBIEE Applications does not have a module for Clinical Analytics and so there is a need to develop a complete custom OBI application in order to accomplish the requirements.

The challenge is to understand the business requirements and convert them to a data model.CTMS can be for Human Health or Animal Health divisions.

These implementations would need functional expert who understands the Siebel CRM CTMS application functionality end to end, CRM Data Model as well in which case a CRM application architect can explain any customizations done in data model design of the Siebel CRM Application. OBI architect needs to understand CRM data model and also the actual business process flow of a CTMS application.It is observed that usually there is a customization to an extent of 25% on the CRM application.

My experience as an OBIEE Architect for this kind of implementation was challenging and interesting. Requirements gathering sessions must be interactive with group of SME's, Team of members from business, project sponsors to mitigate any risk of
slipping the time lines. It is recommended to plan for regular client reviews and approvals of every build to avoid any gaps in the expectations by the client .

At a high level the reporting requirements may include tracking budget and finance, clinical trials, activities, investigators,Initiations, enrollments, expiration's, terminations. Cross dimensional hierarchies from Program to Protocol to Site to Subject is commonly desired.

Major dimension tables specific to CTMS includes Program, Protocol,Site,Subject, application, Investigator. Other common dimensions include Accounts, Contacts, Activities, Time, Geography,product, etc.

Here is a screen shot of a sample rpd for CTMS


C said...

It seems like business intelligence is really taking on all the different technologies as an added component. There's already so much discovery that can be made through a CRM system, but adding BI to the picture really vamps it up.

Ramana Chittoor said...

Appreciate your comment.Yes any transactional system with a proper BI application helps an organization to get benefit on the cost of investment

clinical trial management system said...

"It is recommended to plan for regular client reviews and approvals of every build to avoid any gaps in the expectations by the client ."
It's very interesting to hear your experience. Once at a meeting to review requirements, a PI said: Only one thing stays unchanged in our environment. And that is: change. Constant reviews is necessary.
And with so many decision makers, constant approval is a must.
Thank you.

Ramana Chittoor said...

Thanks for the comment. Yes it is mission critical to have reviews with client regularly for successfull deployments

KK said...

Good post about the OBIEE for CTMS. I appreciate if you can post the CTMS Schema with sample data or if you can help me sending the schema to my email id: along with your your contact number.

Ramana Chittoor said...

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Ramana Chittoor said...
Appreciate your comment. Unfortunately I do not own a sample CTMS schema, data. I have provided some guiding factors for these implementations. OBIEE on CTMS is developed custom to the clients requirements. I may be reached at 678-687-9344

pss said...

I have experience in full life-cycle implementation of OBIEE project in CTMS. Could anyone please tell me where can I find the jobs related to it?

Ramana Chittoor said...


I cant advice you on this as this is a BLOG to exchange knowledge on OBIEE