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Friday, August 14, 2009

Creating and connecting ODI Modular Repositories

This is in continuation to my earlier BLOG "Installing ODI". In here I am summarizing details about ODI Modular Repositories and illustrating the steps needed for creating the ODI Repositories. These repositories must be created in order to use ODI engine.

The modular Repository for ODI is made up of a Master Repository and of one or several WorkRepositories. These repositories can be installed on any database engine that supports ANSIISO 89 syntax.

I have created these repositories on Oracle 11g Database

Creating Master Repository

1. Create a database user for Master Repository

For Example:
SQL>create user snpm identified by snpm
default tablespace system temporary tablespace temp;
SQL> grant connect, resource to snpm;

2. Click on repcreate.bat file under bin directory of ODI install root eg: C:\ODI\oracledi\bin and provide the following values and Test connect to make sure that the connection is successful, Select Technology as Oracle

3. It invokes Master Repository creation wizard window

4. Click on the ellipsis button for Driver and select Oracle JDBG Driver from the dropdown list of names under Name

5. Update other parameters in the window like URL. The URL syntax can be got by clicking the ellipsis button for URL. After you get the sysntax update the values appropriately, provide values for user, password which are the values that you gave while creating the user for Master Repository. Change the ID default value, Select Technology as Oracle.(I have done this since my database is Oracle). Click Test Connection button for successfull connection and Click O.K

6. This brings up an Oracle Data Integrator Information window indicating successfull creation of the Master Repository. Click OK

Connect to the Master Repository

1. Launch Topology Manager from the Start Menu

2. Click on New button and provide values for Login Name which may be any name, User: SUPERVISOR (use capitals), Password: SUNOPSIS (use capitals)

3. In the Database Connection (Master Repository) section provide values for the Master Repository username, Password, select your driver name from the Drivers List (I have selected Oracle JDBC Driver). Click on the hand icon to the right side of Driver Name to update this automatically, similarly Click on the hand icon to the right side of Url to update this automatically but you have to provide the values for these parameters.

4. Click Test to validate successfull connection

In the next Posting I will illustrate the steps for creating and connecting "Working Repository" for ODI