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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Creating and connecting "Work Repository" for ODI

This is in continuation to my earlier BLOG. We have created a Master Repository for ODI and ODI also needs a Work Repository which is a data structure that contains the data models, projects.

The following are the steps to create a Work Repository

1. Connect to the Master Repository that we created earlier.

2. Open the Repositories View by clicking on Windows -> Show View -> Repositories

3. Right Click on Work Repositories and Click Insert Work Repository

4. In the connection window, complete the following parameters:

Name: Type the name for your work repository connection.Eg:ODIWorkRepository
Technology: Choose the technology of the server to host your work repository. I
have selected Oracle since my database is Oracle
User: User id of the owner of the tables you are going to create and host the work
Password: The above user's password.

5. In the JDBC TAB provode the following details :

JDBC Driver: The driver required for the connection to the DBMS to host the work repository.

URL JDBC: The complete path of the data server to host the work

6. Click on Test. You must not click O.K without testing the connection

7. Now Click on OK to validate the parameters for connecting with the server to host our work repository. A window appears, asking you to give a unique name and user id code number to the repository.

8. In the window Work Repository, complete the following parameters:
ID: Give a unique number to your repository, from 1 to 998 included
Name: Give a unique name to your work repository eg: ODIWORKREPOSITORY
Type: Choose "Designer" in the list.

9. Validate by clicking on OK. The creation of the work repository begins and just
follow the different steps on the console

10. When the work repository has been created, the Work Repository window closes.

Connecting to Work Repository

The Work repository may be accessed through the modules Designer and Operator

1. In the Start Menu, select Programs > Oracle Data Integrator > Designer, or launch
the Designer script (bin/designer.bat or bin/
2. Click on the button New (first button to the right of the field Login name).
3. Complete the following values for Oracle Data Integrator Connection:

Login name: A generic alias Eg: ODIRepository)
User: SUPERVISOR (in capitals)
Password: SUNOPSIS (in capitals)

In the Database Connection(Master Repository)section, provide the following information:

User: User for the Master Repository
Password: This user's password.
List of drivers: The driver required to connect to the DBMS hosting the master
repository we have created now.
URL: The complete path for the data server hosting the master repository.

In the Work Repository section provide the following information:

Work repository name: The name of the work repository that we created. We can select the repository by clicking on the icon to the right side

4. Click on Test to check that the connection is working.
5. Click OK, OK. The module Designer opens